Just Music, Energy Movement Totale (EMT) & in between, 1969 - 1973

Alfred Harth - Just Music, Energy Movement Totale (EMT) & in between
best-of compilation from the years 1969 - 1973
comprising Just Music, EMT with Sven-Ake Johansson and Nicole van den Plas, 
Peter Broetzmann,  Paul Lovens and many more.
remastered at LaubhuetteStudio Moonsun in 2011
Laubhuette Production M 35


listen to Just Music radio live recording April 27th 1970 in Prague

@ eighties end

film and theatre music by Alfred 23 Harth from around 1989
recorded at FTF Studio Frankfurt, Germany
remastered at LaubhuetteStudio Moonsun in 2010
cover photo by Gerald Domenig
Laubhuette Production M 31
Review by Bad Alchemy
Review by Massimo Ricci
listen to track 5